Morrison Girls

I’ve photographed the Morrison Girls a few times over the years and it’s been lovely watching them grow into the young ladies they are today! I think Bronte was about 8 months old the first time I got some photographs of her at a kindy concert/party. Both Matthew (my eldest) and Bethany (her older sister) were at the same kindy in 2009.

Wow, how time flies! I’ve been scouring my website to find the few posts I had of them when they were younger (I love looking back and seeing then and now images), but alas, I can’t find the older posts. What I did find in my computer archives were pics I’d taken of them in April/May 2009:

Morrison Girls | Gillian Foley Photography
Bronte (April 2009)
Morrison Girls | Gillian Foley Photography
Beth (May 2009 – at her birthday party)

Cute eh? Look at them now!

Morrison Girls | Gillian Foley Photography
Bronte (August 2015)
Morrison Girls | Gillian Foley Photography
Beth (August 2015)

I love seeing how clients I’ve photographed over the years (newborns/toddlers especially!) have grown! And with repeat clients, you get to go on a journey together. Shooting a wedding, then their first baby, then their next baby, anniversaries, etc. It’s just a wonderful thing being part of a family’s tapestry of memories.

As a mother I know only too well the feelings of proud and love I have when I look at my family albums and photos I’ve taken of the boys (on this very blog) over the years. I’m proud of how they’ve grown and what lovely young men they’re becoming. I cherish the memories, the fun and tough lessons we learned when they were younger. I guess having those photos and looking at them now is one great way of saying “Wow. Look at us now. We made it to here.” For me it’s this sense that we’ve done okay, that I haven’t broken them (like I thought I would when I brought them home from the hospital! lol) and that we’ve actually done a pretty darned good job raising them. <3

Do you agree? Do you regularly have pictures of you family taken? How often are YOU in the picture too?? (This is something I need to work on as I’m always behind the lens!!!)

Until next time ~ Gill

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