Meet The Hanna Family

Meet the Hanna family – a gorgeous family who for the very first time, decided to have professional photos done! We had a gorgeous location and a stunning setting sun. The location alone was enough to overwhelm a certain little 19-month-old, who couldn’t stay still for longer than a few seconds. Typical toddler boy! From feeding ducks, to blowing bubbles, to petting dogs, to kicking errant balls – I think we covered it all yesterday!

His equally cute sister (Miss 6) chatted non-stop and was oh so willing to cuddle her teddy bear or climb onto Daddy’s back for a cuddle. We had so much fun. So many laughs and silly moments (it was raining chips, thanks to Andrew??) and a few tears thrown in for good measure. When a toddler wants to chase a motorboat in the river, who are we to stop him?! :P

We are always aware that an hour for us adults is a lot longer for little people who tire easily. The littlies did so well yesterday and braved an hour or more of photographing even though they were tired and hungry. We had a chuckle yesterday, talking about boys being non-stop little energizer bunnies. They were (almost) horrified that I had two boys 19 months apart.

I told them Matt and Jase were like tornadoes when they were toddlers. Both would run off and I’d have to run for the nearest one and then after the other, pick them up like rugby balls when they wouldn’t listen! LOL Hence gym being such a necessity in my life!

I hope I achieved what they were after – capturing the realness, fun, laughter and love that is their family. Here are a few sneak peeks from the session.

Meet the Hanna Family | Gillian Foley Photography
“This is my silly face”
Meet the Hanna Family | Gillian Foley Photography
He loves bubbles!
Meet the Hanna Family | Gillian Foley Photography
Daddy cuddles <3
Meet the Hanna Family | Gillian Foley Photography
LOL! I know, right? FUNNNNNNNY!!!
Meet the Hanna Family | Gillian Foley Photography
The beautiful family.

Marianne and Andrew, I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks! I’ll let you know when your gallery is ready.~ Gill

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