Malboro Man – (ooops sorry Ree!) make that The Camel Man and the boys ♥

ETA – I’ve been reprimanded for stealing Ree’s nickname for her husband LOL (thanks mah cuzz!) My bad LOL

Just a couple from our beach visit on Sunday – Simon aka “Malboro Man” took out the kayak and the boys had a blast taking turns in it with him. I was stoked to get some shots of him rocking the surf ♥♥♥ Will post more as I get through them :)

Le Kayak
Monsieur Malboro
Little Hunkster
Little Hunkster #2
Little Hunkster #2
Two little monkeys
Two little monkeys
The Man

15 Replies to “Malboro Man – (ooops sorry Ree!) make that The Camel Man and the boys ♥”

  1. charlie

    awesome pics..what lens did you use for these Gill?If you dont mind me the shot of hubby..very manly!

  2. gillianf

    hahaha Charlie – I’m sure he’d agree that he’s manly! LOL I used the ‘bad boy’ on this one – 70-200mm L lens. LOVE that baby (pity it’s Simon’s -.- )

  3. Mel Chern

    What great images…love the clarity and color…totally feel like I’m with you when viewing these pictures.

  4. evie

    Well, Ree borrowed the name, too so I doubt she’d mind if you used it! That is a pretty common saying ’round these parts. What a fine-looking group of men you have in your life!! That last shot is my fave!

  5. Becky

    These shots are incredible!! Great work and what a handsome group of men you have. ;)

  6. Schona Kessler

    You are a lucky gal! What studs you surround yourself with! :) Where are pics of you now? bwaaaahahahhahaha

  7. gillianf

    hehe Thanks guys…!
    @Shona – those hunksters rule the roost, I tell ya – have me wrapped around their little fingers :P

  8. Julie Clegg

    Gorgeous family! I love the shots of the two little ones, they are SO adorable!

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