Just a quick post – some pics from today

I am sooooooooo tired *yawn* I feel like I’ve spent my weekend wiping up snotty noses (the boys’ :roll: ), cooking, finishing some designs and processing photographs. We had 2 birthdays this weekend. I was meant to take photographs at both, but only managed to get to yesterday’s party. Our car battery died this morning, so we went out (sick boys and all) to find a place that was open on a Sunday and sold batteries. We stopped by the party after to drop off Riley’s pressie and then managed to get to the church where Byron’s christening is to be held next Sunday and OMW the view is spectacular!! 8O

The priests were lovely and were more than willing to let me get into the chapel to see what the light was like. I got some test pics because I just couldn’t resist the awesome view. I could have stayed there for much longer!

*Actions on photos by Tash Whiteley @ DSSA*

Awesome, eh? I can’t wait for the christening. I hope I get some good shots. My dear husband bought me a Sigma electronic flash. It is DA BOM! He SO knows what to get me! :D

Okey dokey. 11pm and I’m off to bed. Have a good evening :)



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