Jason’s birthday (picture-heavy)

I have been getting thru my backlog of photos and have finished the few I had taken for Jason’s birthday. Apologies for the picture-heavy post – this is for the benefit of the family back in SA ;)His was a monster party (this was Simon’s idea :roll: ) and his invitation was:

Monster Invitation

He’d been woken by Matthew who was just as excited about Jason opening his pressies… and yes, he is wearing a onesie. Cute, eh? LOL

He squealed when he saw the quad bike LOL

I reckon he LOIKS it! :D

Opening his present from Matthew

LOL he was like….okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…?? LOL Simon shows them what it is (meccano) :D

My happy boy….we had to calm him down…he was just too excited He drove straight for me in this pic!

And the snacks and décor – this was some weird-monster-type-cone, filled with m&ms, stuck to biccies with nutella and jelly snakes sticking out the top :lol: Think Medusa *snigger*

Heeheeee…monster party bags :p

Some spiffy eyeballs….

Some yucky fake spiderwebs and spiders… We also had a dungeon scene background stuck around the edge of the patio (you can see a bit in corner of this pic)

We had goggas hanging from the rafters…

My attempt at a ghoulish hand sticking out of the humus

Some cute lil’ monsters (made with the help of some gal pals :D )

Simon’s fabulous monster cake. It was monsterliciously delish too! Melted chocolate and rice crispies….hmmmmm

And finally, a pic of the boys blowing out the candle :D Check out their chocolatey faces! LOL

A fun day had by all :) Thanks for looking *mwah*

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