I’ve been a bad poster!

Yes, yes, YES I know! I’ve been a bad poster/blogger…BAH! I’ve been all over the place with work and juggling projects (crafts…yes, but that’s another post), gym and family/boat life :P In the meantime, it’s just been easier to throw something on Instagram and/or Facebook. My bad :(

In the meantime, I’ve been playing around with Procreate and trying to get a handle on lettering and calligraphy. Illustrations…I sometimes wish I’d studied some of this when I was younger!

I’ve been up to my neck trying hands on projects because of all theses ideas floating around in my head. I’ve decided that leatherwork and I aren’t great friends. Neither is wood burning and I LOL I’ve tried a few more crochet projects, but nothing has really taken my fancy. And THEN! I happened upon a few new ideas which I’m trying this minute. I like to get a jumpstart on Christmas, because you KNOW I like to handmade all our table place settings <3 Again, that’s another post. :D

So far work this year has really been my virtual admin role, website stuff and gym work. It’s been keeping me busy. So, just because my posts always need a featured image, here you go:

Tiny Toes | I've been a bad poster

Teeny tiny little toes. Taken in Feb of 2012. Gosh, that doesn’t seem that long ago, does it? And yet it’s almost 10 YEARS!?

Phew! Okay I think it’s time to log off for a bit. I’ll be back with a post about Little Miss Missy :)

Gill xo

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