It’s been a while

I’ve been a busy little bee :D I’m so excited by the DT stuff on Snap and Scrap! The June newsletter was released this week and it’s loaded with great projects – digital and paper! The rest of the team keep their projects under wraps, so each of us only see what the rest are doing when the newsletter is released. It’s so FUN that way and I’m always totally excited to see what the others have come up with. The blog is another great spot and every day I check to see what the others have posted and get totally inspired to try the various things.

We have a lot on our collective plate for the month of July. Veronica and I have a ‘challenge’ kit we need to come up with (totally can’t wait!) and we’re also contributing to the July freebie, which will be available on the Snap and Scrap blog for daily download.

So, time to share the preview of my first kit as a Design Team Member. It’s called Totally Vivacious and was inspired by a gift I got from Louisa for Christmas. I’m just loving the paisley pattern at the moment, so be warned, you might see them in a few kits! :lol:

Scruff LET font, C39HrP48DhTt, Susie’s hand font, mom’s typewriter

(Journalling reads: I guess I’ve always been a bit of a goofball and a clown. I’m mostly reserved, but I do tend to act the fool when I’m comfortable around people. I tend to see the funny side of life. Don’t get me wrong, I *do* have off days, but I’m lucky that nothing keeps me down for long. I guess it helps that I have two comedian sons and a husband who has a Spike Milligan sense of humour! I’m gregarious by nature & love to laugh. Luckily, in my family, that’s not too difficult to do!)


The boys haven’t been well this week. I think they both keep reinfecting each other with the cold :( Poor Jase has these dry patches on his cheeks. No idea why – it’s like he’s got windburn or something. He is sooooooo close to walking it’s unreal 8O The other night he “ran” into Simon’s arms from mine, but he hasn’t done it again LOL I wait with bated breath (and charged camera battery) for those first proper steps :lol:

Matthew has skipped swimming for two weeks now, so hopefully he’ll be well enough to do his makeup sessions this coming week. I took them into a scrapbooking shop the other day and had Jason in the stroller, with Matthew holding my hand. Matt found a box of toys (the owner’s 16 month old little girl was playing there too) and started unpacking and playing with everything. I looked up for him and saw him with an armful of toys at the stroller, handing all these toys to Jason to play with :D Sometimes he actually *can* be sweet…hehehe Then this little girl wanted to play with Jason and she came up to the pram, gently touching Jason and Matthew took her hand and moved it off Jason and said “No baby, leave baby Jason alone” :lol: When did he become so protective of his little brother? 8O :lol: I’m LOVING it!

Two nights ago, we were having dinner and I was telling Simon about Matt’s antics and the little bugger says “No Mommy, don’t talk to Daddy while he’s eating” Say what???!!! 8O For once, I was totally speechless. Simon tried so hard not to laugh, but couldn’t resist a chuckle. I was torn between telling him to watch his tone with me and grinning myself, so I never said anything…hehehe Kids. Who’d have ’em? :roll:

My boys are lucky they’re so cute! They get away with murder sometimes :lol:

“Tiger Matthew”

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