It’s been a busy day

I’m having another late night, despite being dog-tired, because I just wanted to spend a few minutes tweaking another layout. Tweaking being the operative word :roll: Of course, I ended up starting it from scratch. I’m happier with the result, mainly because I found a lovely template to help the ol’ mojo along. So herewith, my next layout for S&S, using Landi’s Forever kit, with the template by Cheryl Peacock & Dawn Moore @ cherpea designs and Chopin Script font:

I had a wonderful day today, spending most of it with my friend who is visiting from SA for three weeks. We shopped til we dropped (well almost) and she coerced me into buying some more paper scrapping goodies. Really. She did. I really needed the stuff too. Honest. :roll: :lol: We got these really cute Bob the Builder flashing boots for our boys and Matthew hasn’t seen his yet. I was too scared to show them to him this evening, because we would never have gotten him to bed then! I also got him a flipup toy mobile phone LOL He’s ALWAYS flipping mine open and *talking* to somebody or other :roll: I think it’ll be a winner! :lol:

So now that it’s almost Easter Sunday (well, 30 minutes shy of it) I can post my Easter card for 2007. Hope you all have a fabulous Easter and stay safe!

Credits: Tara’s template, Miss mint playground pop kit & Calvin & Hobbes font

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