Introducing Mr and Mrs Bilsbury ♥


Robin and Susan asked Simon and I last year if we’d shoot their wedding in April and of course, we agreed instantly. The wedding was to be held in Tenterfield, NSW, approx 4 hours from Brisbane. It was great opportunity for us to get out of Brisbane and see more of Australia. I’d heard so  much about Toowoomba, that it was with great pride I could tell friends “I SAW THE SIGN TO TOOWOOMBA ON OUR WAY TO TENTERFIELD!” LOL! The wedding venue was breathtaking. Argyle Farm is the kind of place you could spend all day at, photographing, photographing, PHOTOGRAPHING! The weather held during the ceremony, despite forecasts of rain, although we had some showers during the after-ceremony shots.

Susan made an absolutely stunning bride and the look on Rob’s face when he first saw her – goosebump material ♥ It was honestly the first wedding I’ve shot that had  me snotty and teary-eyed during the vows (SHHHH don’t tell anyone!) *sniff* *sniff*

What a memorable day, with some seriously funny moments. One of the highlights (which just shows how wacky and cheeky Rob is) was when it was time to throw the garter. Rob had hidden a pair of granny knickers in his pocket and at the crucial moment threw these to the crowd. We roared with laughter – more so when the MC commented that he’d “gone up too far” and to “try again, a bit lower this time????” LOL!

Without further ado, here are some sneaks of the day. Robin and Batman, congratulations again and here’s to many, many years enjoying your life together! x G

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