In the jungle the mighty jungle….

The baby sleeps tonight….?! 8O Hmmmm This is Matthew’s rendition of the song (for those who have seen the Hippo & dog on u-tube, that’s where he got it from) :lol:
He’s a character, he is. I have the most interesting conversations with him (which I’m recording for posterity) The latest one goes something like this:

Matt: Mummy, I can’t sleep in my bed at night. It’s too hard.
Me: What’s too hard?
Matt: My pillow Mummy. I need a hammer pillow.
Me: 8O
Matt: Yes Mummy. It’s verrr-verrr-verrr-VERRY soft
Me: Hmmm Ok. So where do I get a hammer pillow from?
Matt: (Looks at me like I’m an absolute eeejit) From the hammer pillow SHOP Mummy…??! :roll:

Aaaaah. Dontcha love it? :lol: Anyhoo, here are some pics of the boys, taken ages ago (but only processed this week :oops: )

An after-kindy reunion. The boys miss each other something awful when Matt goes to kindy.

Just to give the folks back home an indication of how tall Jase is. They were all staring at some builders who were drilling and making a heck of a noise at playgroup.

That’s it for now. I’m off to get the kids ready for the day. *mwah*

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