After trying an “In the box photography session” with Susan and Steven’s family shoot, I knew I had to try it again – perhaps with older kids. Jason has always been my guinea pig LOL I had one box which was pretty big, but my big boy just about fit!

Susan loved the idea for her two and it was hard work getting Miss Siennah to stay put long enough to get a shot! LOL

Take a look at the final outcome:



In the box photography session


In the box photography session


Of course, I had some ideas for our own session. I’d been looking around at various “box” sessions and loved some of the ideas. I could only replicate a few that would work with the size of my box and Mr Jason, of course! Take a look at the final collage. I used it as a Xmas greeting from the studio <3 You can see his feet can’t quite fit into the box lol

After having done these few, I would say these should be sessions on their own as there is a lot more work involved in editing and putting the final collage together! I would have to play around more with lighting too I think. Hmmm….I shall see what the 2021 brings. Perhaps there’ll be more interest in an “In the box photography session” from clients :)

Gill xo

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