Optimal Image Saving For Facebook

Optimal image saving for Facebook

So you have a great selfie you’d like to upload to Facebook, except when you do, it’s pixelated. Here are some tips for optimal image saving for Facebook. Facebook has changed over recent months and with it, the compression it applies to uploaded images. Image quality degrades and your once-perfect selfie is a pixelated mess. That’s because Facebook applies up to 80% compression to uploaded images. Check out the examples below:

Gillian Foley Photography - Optimal image saving for Facebook
Original (373kb)
Gillian Foley Photography - Optimal image saving for Facebook
After Facebook Compression (57kb)

Can you see the difference? (Note the pixelation around the mouth and left hand/wrist). Not exactly the look we were going for. So here are some tips on getting the best look for your pics on Facebook:

  • Resize your images for web, i.e. at 72dpi.
    These aren’t ideal for printing, but are great for loading quickly and display better on webpages.
  • Get your images below 100kb in size. Facebook automatically compresses images over 100kb.
  • **Best Tip HERE**Save your images in .png format. They’ll be bigger than .jpg, but Facebook (as yet!) doesn’t compress this format.

This holds true for ALL images on Facebook – profile pics, cover pics and any others uploaded to albums.
As an aside, the dimensions for cover pics are 851 pixels by 315 pixels and the dimensions for profile pics are 180px X 180px.

Happy uploading! :)
~ Gill

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