I think I have caffeine running in my veins

I’ve been drinking that much strong, Italian coffee 8O We have had the most atrocious few weeks sleepwise and coffee is just about the only thing keeps Simon and I going these days. This last week has been particularly trying as I’ve had deadlines and Fifth Avenue stuff to deal with and Matthew has been particularly difficult. We’ve discussed things at length and feel that he is bored and needs outside stimulation that I cannot provide. We’ve been looking into daycare for a few hours a week, just so I can get some admin and work done some mornings. This weekend was the worst – we’ve moved Matthew into a bed and he just couldn’t contain his excitement. The first thing he did when he got a chance, was climb onto the headboard and rip all the mobiles I’d hung in his room from the ceiling 8O We tried to get him down for a nap and after a few minutes, his room was wrecked. He’d ripped the bedding off the bed, opened all this drawers and thrown everything down the passage, stomping on the baskets of goodies he had on his dresser. We eventually cleared everything out of his room. Even this evening, he was so totally over-excited that it took an hour of coaxing to calm him down enough for a nap (at 4pm 8O ) and even then I had to lie down with him. Gosh, I hope this is just a phase and things will improve soon!

My other little monkey has had a bad few nights. Last night he was up from midnight until 1am with a blocked nose and a temperature. I was still up when he woke (working on my CT deadline) and of course, this morning felt like death warmed over. I won’t even get into what my day was like today…

Right, so moving swiftly along…I meant to post a pic of my business card so here it is.

I have finished my CT May assignment (can’t wait to show you what I came up with!) and also applied to be part of Weeds and Wildflowers creative team, using their “Going West” freebie. This is what I came up with:

The frayed alphas are from Tracy Sims (recovered with W&W’s paper) and I’ve used Greg’s other hand & Cezanne fonts

I’m not sure if I made the deadline, but we’ll see. It was a bit of a challenge because we were told to use everything in the kit – this included 5 papers and loads of flowers (not something I use too often on my boy layouts) and of course, with the name of the kit, I just had to use this photo I had of Matthew, taken last June. Don’t know if the swirly flowers work with the rest of the layout, so we’ll see :D Drat. Looking at it now, I think I should have defined the alphas a bit more because they look a bit lost on that paper…

The other night, I had both the boys in the bath (their favourite part of the evening) and Simon got home in time to take over whilst I took some photographs. Jason is a daredevil in the making. I dont know how many times he went under the water with all the splashing and just came up laughing and squealing 8O I love this photo I took of them. There were having so much fun as you can certainly tell!

And finally, a pic of Matthew’s new bed :D

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