How did we get here?

How did we get here?

Every. Single. Time. Honestly – every single time it gets to this time of year, I wonder “How did we get here?” It feels like the year has just zoomed past! Does that just happen when you get older? I’m pretty sure my boys would disagree and say the year has dragged. >.> Well, here we are. I hope 2020 hasn’t been utterly awful for you. I know we’ve all (or most of us) have struggled along with the “new normal”. Some in other states or countries (like my parents) have had even more to contend with. More restrictions. Extended isolation. 

What can we do? Just pick ourselves up as best we can and keep going, eh? Perhaps reach out to the people around you – you never know who needs a kind word or a gesture, something to make them feel like things are perhaps not as bad as they could be. OR – if you’re one of those who don’t know how to move forward or keep going, could you reach out to those around you for help? 

If you’re here, still okay, well CONGRATULATIONS! Look at you go! Still in the game, still fighting! :D

To celebrate, I thought I’d share a Halloween freebie. It wasn’t my intention to create one, but I had a giggle earlier in the week when I saw the mandarin I’d popped into Jason’s lunch (Matt doesn’t eat them). Every year, since my little man was in primary school, I’d pop a mandarin (or naartjie as we call them in South Africa) in his lunch-bag (without him knowing) that looked like this *snigger*:

How did we get here?

In fact, for Halloween, I remember coming to school pickup with both Gypsy (AKA Fatty Von Fat-Fat) and I dressed up in Halloween attire, swinging a pumpkin filled with sweets for the kids at school. Aaah, I *do* miss those days <3

So because I have so many friends with kids who will be doing the Halloween “Trick or Treat” and I just KNOW they’ll be taking pics of their little humans dressed up, I thought perhaps a freebie sticker might be in order. Both in black and white variations and both for mum or dad. They’re in .png format and you can download the zip file here. Please check out the Terms of Use (included in the zip file). Enjoy and have fun with it! :)

How did we get here?


Show me what you’ve done with yours! Let me know if you had any issues downloading or using the files :)

Gill xo

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