How busy can one person be…

Without actually getting anything done? I am so knackered and yet I feel like I haven’t really gotten that much done, kwim? Today Mom and I went off on a mission – first stop St Vinnie’s, where we happened to find an earthenware plant bowl (I transplanted my cherry tomato plant), 2 ride-on motorbikes for the boys and some books. All for the princely some of $8. Then off to Spotlight (which is a craft/habbie/homeware store) and promptly spent loads more on fabric, curtains, cute quilt covers for the boys and of course, some more scrapbooking supplies :roll:

Well, when we got home, the boys were totally rapt with the bikes and rushed off around the house, chasing each other :lol: After lunch, I shortened the curtains (cos wouldn’t you know, they were too long, right? :roll: ), fixed up one of the dining chair covers, mowed the lawn, transplanted my plant, did some weeding and watered the garden. Hmmm ok so maybe I’ve done more than I thought I did :D

The other bit of news is that we are babysitting Princess, Alex’s cat, for two weeks. She has settled in very nicely, even finding a hiding spot on the shadecloth above the patio. My boys will NOT leave her be, poor thing. She has done well, finding that hiding place :lol:

So we ended off the evening with a nice bbq, glass of chilled white wine and divine, crisp salad. How lovely to relax at the end of the day, listening to good music and with Christmas lights going….aaaaaah :D

On the scrapbooking front, I’ve been very slack – totally lost my mojo. I’m feeling so uninspired and I’m hoping it’s just the Xmas blues that I have :( Or maybe I’m just swamped with the pre-Xmas rush.

Anyhoo, I got some more pics that have finally been processed. Not the best, I’m afraid, but I love them anyway :D


Some cuddles for Gramma :D And yes, Matthew was suddenly too shy for cuddles :roll:


That’s it for now. I’ll be back once I’ve processed some playgroup photos :D *mwah*

Oh forgot to mention – Jason’s hair is sticking up like that because Matthew rubbed an ENTIRE jar of barrier cream in his hair (“I was giving Jasey a ‘spikey’ hairstyle, Mummy”) :roll: How do you argue with that??

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