Happy birthday, baby Jason!

I still can’t believe that time has gone so quickly! I blinked and my boy was a year old. We had a fabulous time yesterday. My 3am stint was worthwhile with everybody enjoying the eats and snacks. We stuck to a ‘bug’ theme, complete with caterpillar cake, spiders, ladybugs and sour worms and snakes sprinkled on the table. I baked hundreds of quiches (well it seemed like hundreds :roll: ), made a spinach, butternut and feta roll with filo pastry, tiramisu sponge fingers, dusted with chocolate powder and some ladybug cookies. Simon made adorable spiders, made from brownies and cola-flavoured strips. I finished the party packs a few hours before the party :lol: Besides the usual sweeties and bubbles, the girls each got a fluffy, glittery alice-band halo and the boys Darth Vader masks (just because I couldn’t find any decent devils’ horns for them :lol: ) It was a great party, shared with lots of wonderful friends :) Here are some pics (check out the copyright symbol :lol: ):

Jase on the bounce and spin zebra.


Opening pressies


The caterpillar cake


Chocolate brownie spiders




The party packs


The birthday boy goofing around :D


Hip-hip HOORAY!!


Me and my gorgeous boys :D


Soooooooooo BIG!

Hope you all have a great week!

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