Happy Australia Day, Mate…!

In honour of the Australia Day weekend (bit of an anomaly that, isn’t it?) we celebrated in true Aussie style with a BARBIE (braai for the Saffers out there), "wife beaters" (vests), thongs (plakkies) and copious amounts of beer and wine :lol: We discussed things like what on earth Hills Hoists and Lamingtons were (they’re whirly washing lines and coconut sprinkled chocolate cakes) and joked about how our Aussie friends were celebrating Australia Day with their South African friends! :lol: We had a great time, laughing uproariously (no doubt the wine had something to do with that :roll: ) and managed to crawl into bed (we stayed over at Alex and Scott’s) at 2am. Of course, it would happen that Matt woke at 5am, erm…talking rather loudly "It’s MORNING TIME, Mummy!" 8O Gee, thanks for that, Matthew…! :roll:


Anyhoo, I got some photos of our little Aussie Mascot :D Ain’t he cute??


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