Happy Anzac Day!

Well thank goodness for public holidays! The last few days have been very um ‘full on’ for me and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the added demands on my time, in addition to the usual stuff I have to deal with. The result? Certain things fell by the wayside. Not good for the perfectionist in me, I can tell ya!

I’ve finally taken some photographs of the jewellery and I’m happier with the results this time (not *perfect*, mind you, but it’ll do :D ). Of course, the last photographs were taken with the Kodak and need I say that the EOS is LOADS better??! Simon was taking some photographs for a project and I hijacked his light tent and camera :lol: Now that they’re done, I can get some business cards done (I wanted to use pics of the jewellery – not my face) online. So here they are. My preference for the business card is the thong anklet (Matthew calls it “shiny sandals” LOL)

The rings weren’t too sharp in this next one, but I couldn’t get a larger DOF with the prime lens I was using. Still playing around. I’ll get there :D

My favourite :D

Ok, duty calls. I’m off to sort the boys out. Will be back later :D


I’m so excited! I spent the afternoon working on the design for my business card and then uploaded it to the website for printing. I should get them on Monday or Tuesday. It looks great though and yes, I used the photo of the thong I’d taken earlier today…hehe

I’ve been working on my CT assignment for May and I’ve just finished. I’ve taken screen caps and making notes. Now to put it together in one final document for Mari.

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