Happy 4th of July!

To all my US friends :D Hope it’s a good one ;)

So the Boho Chic kit was well-received on the Snap and Scrap blog and we’re all thrilled that people are loving it. We certainly do! I can’t wait to scrap with that kit, but first some more design work has to be done LOL

The boys are both still fluey (as am I) and now it seems Simon is also coming down with it. I have a jewellery show tomorrow, so I hope I feel well by tomorrow night.

Right, some pics of the birthday stash:

A beautiful glass patterned photoframe (already has a photo in it :D )

Beautiful set of 4 pairs of chopsticks and placemats

Chocolate recipe book and some chocolate candles (that I nearly ate :oops: )

A cute oven mitt that Matthew can’t keep his hands off (and out of)

Beautiful arrangement of flowers

An ornamental doll to hang my Fifth Avenue Jewellery

I feel utterly spoilt rotten! :D Have a great 4th of July *mwah*

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