Get a cuppa – It’s a-gonna be a long ‘un

So the jewellery show was a success…I crawled into bed in the early hours of Thursday morning and then tried to sleep in until 08h00. Fat chance, eh? :lol: The boys and I went about town, looking for a bed for Matthew and ended up at Maccas for our *first ever* lunch together (although Jason slept through most of it). Before I get fingers pointed at me, I ordered a heart foundation approved meal LOL (they have several) Matthew wasn’t interested in his meal and chose to play in the kids play area. He met a little girl (Becky) and her brother (Ben) who took him around and showed him how to get onto the apparatus. Eventually, around 15h00, everybody left and we were left on our own. I took the opportunity to photograph the boys as they went about the serious business of playing. I did take some messy shots, but there were some gems too…hehehe I got a serious *technical* lecture from my husband about what I’d done wrong *slaps wrists* :roll: So without further ado, here are some of the pics from that shoot :D

A few of Jase:

A few of Matt:

Matthew irritating Jason LOL It’s started already :roll: :lol:

I also meant to share some pics from our trip to Caloundra on Easter Monday. We had an awesome time and I enjoyed playing with the camera. I’m still learning though. Maybe I’ll get this right one day LOL

The boys had an awesome time. Matthew got to ride in the kayak someone had brought and just loved being in the water with Daddy. Jason got to play on the grass and enjoyed the freedom. Later, one of the guys brought a bucket in which they’d collected some tiny fish and asked if Matthew wanted to ‘help’ them return the baby fish to the water. Would he???!!!! Of course he did! Without hesitation he went down to the water and got his hands in the bucket to pick up the fish. He didn’t realise how slippery they were and it took a few times before he managed to hold on to one LOL He flung them none too gently in the water and then waved “Bye Fishie” :lol: Of course, I had the camera ready for pics of my little Wildlife Warrior :D

Oh, oh OH! Jason finally said “MAMA” :D and on Friday the 13th too! He has the cutest little voice – it’s so husky! And he went on saying it after lunch (it must have been the chicken burgers I’d given them LOL ) . Just shows that the way to this little man’s heart is definitely through his stomach! :lol:

On Friday afternoon, Matthew and I baked cookies – gingerbread men. There was flour and melted chocolate everywhere 8O Just so you know, I don’t *do* mess very well, so this was a HUGE step for me LOL Most of the chocolate sprinkles went in his mouth, but some did manage to find their way onto the gingerbread men…hehehe

The girls and I met for a crop night on Friday and I finally finished Matthew’s 2nd birthday paper layout. Not bad, eh? It’s only taken me 3 months to complete… :roll: As if I didn’t have enough of scrapbooking Friday night, Elizabeth and I went to the Gold Coast craft fair on Saturday and spent huge sums on more scrapbooking stuff :oops: I also found the most divine glass hands for my jewellery shows! I just about shrieked in excitement when I saw them and half the convention center turned around to see what the fuss was :oops: I found an AWESOME scrappers mini-tote for FIVE DOLLARS 8O The very next stall was selling a ‘brand name’ tote for $75 8O Bargain, I’d say! There was just so much, I could have spent the whole day there!

Today was just as busy. We took a bus to South Bank and met Elizabeth at the Greek Tavern for lunch (divine food!) and wandered around the craft market and took the boys for a play in the playground. Another awesome day and also great opportunities for photographs.

Finally. Our first family photograph :D

The boys

Jason playing with Daddy

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