Five years ago

It’s been five years

Five years ago, I visited my parents in South Africa. It was a surprise visit – they had no idea I was coming to see them. My sister (who lives there) was in on the plan and had organised my ticket. That was the last time I saw them, until just a few weeks ago they arrived in Brisbane for a short holiday!

It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen them, a whole lot longer since Mum saw the boys (in 2007!) and Dad had never even met Jason. So you can imagine how special and thrilling this time with them has been. <3

Making the most of our time together

We have made the most of every moment; from early morning chats over tea that extend to early afternoon, to walks, games of chess and CSI, picnics, visiting as many spots as we can and having the boys spend as much time with their grandparents as possible.

Of course, I’ve made the most of every photo-taking opportunity and had a few impromptu sessions for them. They’ve never had professional photos taken – not even at their wedding in 1969! I was so pleased to be able to capture some of these special moments with them <3

Five years ago | Gillian Foley Photography
Love these ones taken at Colleges Crossing
Five years ago | Gillian Foley Photography
Mum and Matt
Five years ago | Gillian Foley Photography
A tribute to my parents – married for nearly 47 years
Five years ago | Gillian Foley Photography
Love this one! Yes, Jason is missing a shoe…

Five years ago. I’m counting on it not being that long til I see them again. Love you Mum and Daddy-pooh <3 ~ Gill

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