Elephant poop and a red nose…

So a few days ago, I gave Matthew his orange cold ‘n flu tablet and asked him what it tasted like. “Elephant poop” was his response! :lol: I said “WHAT??!” in mock horror and he goes “No, Mummy, NOOOOOOOOO. Not yucky elephant poop – tablet!” :lol: He has a foam red nose that he nicked from me (I bought it for red nose day) and one morning I went in to chastise him for not picking up his toys and found him dancing around, giggling with this silly red nose on his face! He is a laugh a minute that little guy :D

Here are some pics of my littlest man :D

And finally, our little Shrek (never mind that his ‘ears’ are on back-to-front LOL)

I’ll be back *mwah*

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