Easter Family Special!

Easter Family Special

Can you believe that we’re nearly into March 2016??!! It seems we’ve only just got the children back to school, with all the teething issues that come with the start of a new school year (textbooks, uniforms, signups, etc.) and now in a few short weeks, they’ll be on Easter Holidays! Goodness me. They say time elapses quicker the older one gets….I’d like to think time is flying because we’re all having so much fun! =D

For the first time since Simon and I married in 2004, our anniversary falls on Easter Sunday! Is that a good thing? I think it is! A double celebration! And to share the celebration with you all, I’m offering an Easter Family Special for the month of March! Check it out:

2016 Easter Family Special | Gillian Foley Photography

That’s a $375 value for $250!If you’ve been thinking of having photographs done – perhaps you’ve never had them done before or perhaps you’d like to update your family photos before the babies (furbabies included!) grow up too much, now would be the perfect time! The weather is beautiful, the sunsets are divine and I have a few stunning locations in mind.

Questions? Fire away! You can email me at gillian@gillianfoley.com or simply call/text me at 0417552201. Else, find me on Facebook! ~ Gill

PS I realise that some of you may not celebrate Easter and wouldn’t be keen on an Easter card template. No problem! I could do a standard template for you and your family anyway. Either way, you’d get a 5×7″ digital card template (front and back) to print at your choice of printing lab. Pretty nifty, eh?! =)

PPS I can’t believe we’re into Easter already. It feels like just yesterday I was posting pics of the craft I did last year! o.O

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