Design Work

I’m no graphics designer – I’ve not studied graphics design, art or anything of that kind, but over the years of running a digital scrapbooking website and being heavily involved with Photoshop and photography over the years, I *do* like this side of my web design work. There have been websites I’ve built over the years that would have been designed by graphics designers, with my just doing the coding and tweaking to duplicate the design. And then there have been times when I’ve been asked to do it all as part of the scope of work. These include Perfect Brow Design and Rachel Williams Psychology as well as Sovereign Strata. Some other design work includes logos, posters & flyers and naturally, my own website marketing material!

Rachel needed a logo and branding PRONTO so she could get marketing material and her website up and running. She loved the idea of the “mountain” concept, so we incorporated this into her branding.

Beth asked me for help with marketing her Yin Yoga workshops and because I’d taken shots of her in one of her classes, I had the perfect images for the flyers!

Celeigh LOVES pink…! It’s her salon’s colours, it’s her favourite EVER. So naturally, we needed this to see this across the board – her business cards, marketing material, Facebook page and website! This was such a FUN project!

Sovereign Strata’s website was done a few years ago now. Kristen had very solid ideas about colours and the design, which was a great help in getting it all done!

The 90 minute combat project was done to raise funds for clean water in East Sudan. 5 instructors got to teach an AMAZING 90 minutes of combat. We organised a photoshoot and I got to work on the posters for advertising, going for an MMA style look. I think it turned out really well! I’ll be updating this gallery as I add more work :)

Take a look: