Dept of Home Affairs. Bleurgh.

How easy is it to register your child as a South African citizen if you’re out of the country on a work visa? Hmmm…..let’s see….you have 3 guesses. Hard. Harder. HARDEST! Original birth certificate, original marriage certificate of parents….EIGHT separate forms all asking for parents’ details. I despair of this happening quickly, knowing what Home Affairs is like. Then we need a passport for Jason. Oh dear.

Right moving along swiftly. Matthew is getting his 2 year molars and the poor boy is struggling with them :( One is thru, another halfway and the others are just below the gum line. He wasn’t great this evening and went to bed without any supper. Let’s hope he feels a bit better in the morning.

We bought a bicycle seat for him, so Simon can take him out riding some mornings. He spent the whole afternoon on the patio with Daddy, fixing the bike up and putting the seat on.

This is a great seat, isn’t it? It has a headrest, so Master M can sleep (as if!) and handlebars to hold onto.

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