Daysie and William

Daysie and William are such an unlikely couple, but they work SO well together. Daysie is my BFF Lauren’s baby girl and William is Lauren’s husband’s doggo. They immediately hit it off when they met (the dogs, not the couple! LOL) which was a worry to them both as Daysie had such a fear of other dogs because of the horrid attacks she’s had.

Anyway, Lauren booked me for a session and the idea was to have an outdoor shoot when the light was golden and also perhaps a few indoors with a backdrop. It was like herding a litter of kittens! LOL Or trying to get some ducks in a row, while they wanted to hop in a pond to swim!

Luckily, I tend to overshoot which is exactly what I did this time. We ended up with some really special shots of these two <3 My heart. So cute, adorable, words don’t describe. I was so pleased with what we had and I couldn’t wait to share it with Lauren and Scott. They both LOVED their images and they beautiful memories of their fur babies. Take a look:

Daysie and William

Aren’t they precious?? I’m so glad we got shots of them both together as they refused to sit or pose! >.< How gorgeous is the shot of Lauren with Daysie? <3 Awwwwww If you’re keen to book a session for your pets, feel free to reach out via my Facebook or Contact pages.

Till next time!

~ Gill xo

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