Cuteness Overload!

In my line of work, you sometimes have to just DEAL with cuteness overload!  Remember this little guy? Probably not. I did his family shoot last year when he was about 6 weeks old. Those images did *not* do him justice lol Poor little man was at that awake-but-not-doing-much-but-lying-down phase. Now look at him –  at 8 months old. Isn’t this the most divine age???!

Look at him back then: 

Cuteness Overload | Gillian Foley Photography


This is cuteness overload – And now!


I was so pleased to get some shots of the little guy with his grandma “Lil” too!


This are the moments I love capturing. Moments, frozen in time. I can beat myself up about the shots that weren’t pin-sharp, the crop that wasn’t *quite* right, the angle…whatever is deemed to be *not the in thing* at that point. They’re still somebody’s beautiful memories. If you’re looking for somebody to capture yours, contact me or find me on Facebook :) ~ Gill

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