Cute Little Missy

Susan is Mum to cute little Missy. I’ve known her for a number of years. We met the very first time I did a BodyPump class. Most of you know by know that I’m a Pump instructor – have been since 2015 <3 Susan is too. We met as participants, when I had NO CLUE how to put weights onto the barbell LOL

Fast track to earlier this year when she mentioned her little Missy was getting on in years and she wanted a photoshoot for her. Missy is about 14 years old and has some medical issues, poor girlie. She is SUH CUTE!

When I got there, she jumped around like a little puppy haha with Susan even saying she never behaves this way. Perhaps it was the smell of Gypsy on me, or the smell of the cats? Either way, it was super cute.

She got tired though, after a while and then only wanted her bed. She also refused to sit! LOL So funny! Susan was like, “She always listens to me! Why won’t she sit??” Dogs and children :D It didn’t matter. She did her thing and we got some beautiful shots of this loving little girl.

Take a look:

Cute little Missy

Super cute and what lovely memories to have of a special girl <3

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~ Gill xo

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