Come fly with me…

Yep, he’s back from his flight and LOVED it! I’m so glad I got him the flight experience – now I think he’ll suffer from withdrawals until he goes again :lol: He said it was fantastic and he got to fly after takeoff and was allowed to *play around* in the air (not sure that was such a great idea :roll: ) Being the paranoid person that I am, I made him call when they touched down on the tarmac, so that I would know he was safely back on terra firma He’s taken some great pics (I did mention his white balance :lol: ) and I’ll post a couple once he’s processed them.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy, busy, busy this morning, checking my forums, doing some springcleaning, feeding, cleaning and dressing the boys, washing and more washing and cleaning up the playpen, so that Jason can play safely without Matthew stomping all over him (until Matt figures out how to get in there!) Now I’ve run out of steam and I still want to work on Bev’s challenge on DSSA :( Awww there’s never enough time and energy in the day!

… So it’s much later in the day and I’ve found the energy, but lost the mojo. I think I’ve gone thru scores of pics and just can’t find *the* one to scrap today. On the upside, Jason just had a huge bowl full of Dad’s stew (I blended it up a bit) and he just couldn’t get enough! 8O I got some footage of him putting a few spoonfuls into his mouth by himself. LOL He’s a fast learner. :D

Here’s a pic of him investigating a toy truck:

And one of Matt playing silly buggers this evening:

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