Chalk photography fun {Brisbane Photographer}

Chalk Photography FunChalk Photography Fun

So in case  you didn’t know, I’m on Pinterest which is a fabulous tool for anybody needing help with just about anything LOL I’m always finding great ideas on Pinterest for shoots, crafts, etc and ideas that aren’t too hard to achieve, I’m always GAME for!

The chalk photography idea was one that popped up on my feed repeatedly and I was dying to try some of them out. I don’t fancy myself a great artist, so they had to be simple (check out the more complex ones on Pinterest – my goodness! o.O) to set up.

Naturally, I needed willing victims subjects and once I’d explained what I needed, I had Jase on board with it. My boys usually like doing the whacky stuff I like to try, which is helpful! I actually tried this in the street outside our house yesterday evening with my iPhone (see my latest Instagram post). It was possibly not the best idea when the street was full of children, playing with my boys. I’m getting the chalk out to start drawing, a chair to stand on and the kids are like “What’s your mum doing?” Jase just shrugs and says something like “Oh my mum’s just doing some stuff for her photography”, like drawing massive balloons in the road is something every mother does LOL!! Of course, the minute I started drawing, every kid wanted to be “featured” in the photos LOL! At least I know now whose parents to ask when I need subjects! =D

“Come fly with me”
Chalk Photography Fun | Gillian Foley Photography

Hilarious!Chalk Photography Fun | Gillian Foley Photography

One more. Just for the heck of it =DChalk Photography Fun | Gillian Foley Photography



What do you think? It’s easy enough to do with just an iPhone or snap-happy digital camera too! The options are endless! Take a look at the samples on Pinterest and try it out yourself! Link me up in the comments below or find me on Facebook. I’d love to see what you’ve come up with! =D ~ Gill

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