Can you say Obsessive Compulsive?????!

:lol: Ok yes, I guess you could say that I am. A tad. :oops: I was reflecting today (apart from how quickly the last year went) on the strange things I do and where on earth I get these things from and caught myself, stressing because I was giving Matthew some cake on a green kiddie plate with a different coloured fork :roll: Hmmmm….then later, I was hanging out the washing and caught myself hunting around in the basket for the partner to the sock I was hanging, so they hung together on the line. Heaven forbid that I hang different coloured socks next to each other!! 8O I should also add to this list that I cannot walk by a mat or couch that isn’t perfectly lined up to the tiles (or perfectly 45° :lol: ), nor can I adjust the volume of the TV in anything but multiples of 5. Crazy no? Maybe I’m just eccentric…..yessssss….that’s it! Eccentric. :D


So we had a really good New Year’s eve party at Alex’s and exchanged some more gifts. The children thought it was Christmas all over again LOL We all had good fun, even though it was raining and our party was on the deck (although partly sheltered). The food was divine – Alex outdid herself. I drank obscene amounts of wine and sangria because we were staying over and didn’t have to drive home. I had enough to be pleasantly buzzing, but not bad enough for a hangover the next day. Bonus! :lol:


Some pics – please excuse the artsy shots. I could not resist!


This one was taken at the river a few nights before New Years’.


Some of the NYE party décor (the theme was “A Night Under The Stars”:


Alex’s Christmas Angel:


And playing around with night shots :roll:


Alex totally loved her gift – I SO knew she would! :D


Louisa loved her ribbon dispenser and thought I was hinting that she should stop using my ribbons when we have crop nights :oops: LOL


And lastly, the boys’ cool tshirts :lol:

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