Can you say DIVINE???!!

Meet little Miss A. We were anxiously waiting her arrival and when she arrived, it was with much drama and an amazing birth story!! She is utterly beautiful, just precious.

Miss A

And then there was Master A. Cutest lil’ toddler this side of Brisbane and loves rough-housing with Daddy!

Master A

And finally, meet Luger. One very playful furbaby and oh so beautiful!


It was great catching up again L & P, hope you like the sneak peeks :) I’ll be chatting to you soon! xoxo

8 Replies to “Can you say DIVINE???!!”

  1. Schona Kessler

    She has stunning eyes! What a cute lil guy too….can’t forget the fur babies right! Love them!

  2. Stacey Lund

    Such a precious baby. She is so beautiful, and I love the eye contact. The young man is very handsome as well. Beautiful session! Oh, and the dog is cute as well…certainly can not leave him out. Cute family.

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