Back in the game, I am

Sounds a bit like Smeagol, eh? LOL Our mojo, our precious, thou is back! :lol:

Ok seriously, after taking a month off designing, I am collaborating with the other S&S designers on the Feb kit, called Recycled Romance. The colours are just FABUUU! :D Here’s the colour swatch:

I cant’ wait to show you my previews – so far, it seems the ol’ mojo is back :lol: Let’s hope it stays for a while…!

I took some photos on Sunday, after a storm, because the light was awesome and coupled with the droplets on the flowers, I just couldn’t resist! These were taken with the kit lens (18-55mm) and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

The Geranium


Some plant in the front garden :oops:


Close-up of same plant


My Begonias :D

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