Back again :D

So I updated my Google homepage with some snazzy feeds :D Here’s a snapshot:

I chose a cityscape theme and it prompted me for location and true as bob, it modified the theme to suit Brisbane’s weather today 8O Totally kewl, huh? I also added “The Daily Gill” (middle gadget) and it displays what I’m currently doing and such…hehehe


So, I’m busy working on two kits for Snap and Scrap and I have all these ideas which will hopefully pan out LOL Mari has officially made another CT call and a Designer call on S&S. Check it out:


Bonnie also has something interesting happening on her blog. She’s got a “Name the Kit” competition running. Check out here blog here.


Alrighty, I’m off to do some more work before bedtime. Have a great week :D

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