Another spotlight. Another layout.

Finally. I’m still working on our October kit and the newsletter draft and of course, taking care of 2 rambunctious little boys :roll: Matt was soooooooo stroppy today. He eventually got sent to his room and a few minutes later, all hell broke loose 8O He’d ripped his mattress off the bed, bedding and pillows flung everywhere, all his toy boxes emptied and toys dumped everywhere. He even ripped all the shoelaces out of his shoes 8O I found him STUCK in the top drawer of his dresser :evil: I have hope that this is just a phase. My friend says that once he hits 3 it will get better. I HOPE SO!

So I did a layout today for the Snap and Scrap Monday blog post, showcasing Landi’s Office Party’s kit. I scraplifted Erica Zane’s “So in love” layout.

Credits here

I had the theme song to Family Ties playing in my head and had to do a layout with it :D



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