Not another cat post!

Yes, another cat post! And all because my FAVOURITE lens broke *sobs* I suppose it was time to say goodbye…It was hella old >.< At any rate, I was looking around at options because lenses – good ones are SO expensive, right?? I had my eye on a macro lens, thinking it would double as a prime if necessary. My good friend, Beth has one and so suggested I play around with hers before committing to a purchase. It’s a fast lens, opening up to F/2 and I think it’s a 54mm which is suitable as a prime. I went around the house getting photos of the chickens, a husband (well, technically his HAND because he shoved his palm in front of my lens as I took the shot >.> ) and my own children. Only one of whom was interested in posing. And then…FUDGE happened! Rolling around on the dining table chair where he’d been sleeping all day. What a poser! Take a look:

Another cat post | Gillian Foley Photography

Love this little guy so much! I can’t believe he’ll be 6 this year and still comes to find me in the mornings for snuggles (and to poke me until I get up to find him food!) LOL At any rate, as far as lenses go, I think this one is great buy! If I had the budget, I’d definitely be getting one over a standard prime lens, I think. I have also been salivating over the 35mm Sigma Artlens for a while now too, because I need something a bit wider. In a perfect world, I’d be getting both, eh??! 

Until next time ~ Gill 

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