And some more pics of the kidlets…

A few of us met at Rocks Riverside Park on Friday morning and the kids had a good run-around. Matthew was really good. I had my eye on him the whole time and I expected him to hurtle into the distance, but he didn’t venture too far from me. I got some great pics though (if I do say so myself :oops: ) and I’m sure the other parents thought I was crazy, rolling around on the grass dunes for some great shots of the kids. :lol:

‘Scuse the sandy face :D

Bewdiful Ella

Cuddles for Jase

Artsy Feet



Now, pics taken at Byron’s first birthday party on Saturday morning:

Had to get a shot of Teddy. The theme was a Teddy Bears’ picnic :D

My littlest man, not quite sure what the game’s about :D


Alex has a penchant for hatboxes (she decoupages them) and she had several, filled with teddies of every kind. I thought the vintage look would suit this photo :D But I tell ya, if I ever saw a hatbox, I’ll grab it!

** All photo actions by Tash Whiteley of DSSA **


Simon’s office function was on Saturday night. We drove to the Gold Coast (Dream World) where we watched the Bengal Tiger show, got eaten alive by moths *YUCK* and got to pet the adolescent cubs was they were brought through. Matt was lucky enough to get a pet in, a second later, the tiger pounced 8O Luckily the handler had him under control. Still… 8O They brought another one thru a few minutes later and this one made a go for Jason *GULP*

On the humorous side of things, Matt was like the energiser bunny. He ran from one end to the other, getting all the other kids to run after him 8O EISH! The security guards had to keep him from running off several times. Not even THREE and already in trouble with the law :oops: When we left to go home, the another security guard called out “bye Matthew” :roll: What can I say? He takes after his father…

Of course we had to stop by the Wiggles house, where Matthew tried to wake them all up by knocking on the door.

Ok I’m off to bed *yawn* See ya’s on the upside! :D

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