And mother of the year award goes to…..

Not me :( My little munchkin fell off the bed this morning. We’d both fallen asleep and he woke up and crawled off the bed. I woke with a start when I heard the thud and suddenly he was screaming. I was in such a daze, I shrieked for Simon (poor man nearly had a heartattack with all the screaming going on :oops: ) and he came in and calmed everybody down LOL What would we do without the ONE sane person in our household??? :lol:

All my boys had a rough week and so I was really thankful that the weekend was here for a break. Simon has some hectic deadlines to fulfill, despite his flu and sleep deprivation. He also had an emergency root canal on Friday and is still in agony where they drilled the jawbone 8O The poor man has had to look after the boys, whilst trying to finish his reports because I have two shows this weekend (one I’ve just come home from). I’ll have to do some serious hubby-pampering this coming week. Thank goodness it’s Easter next week! Long weekend….YAY!

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