An Impromptu Doggy Shoot


An impromptu doggy shoot with a very cheeky subject! This is our 14 month old English Staffordshire Terrier, Gypsy. She LOVES children and cats (lol) and currently doesn’t appreciate the company of any other dogs (until we have her properly socialised, that is). She loves grapes, butternut and broccoli, but hates zucchini and mushrooms. She prefers the cats’ food to her own unless her dinner is raw chicken necks (yet strangely won’t eat any other raw chicken bits….) If you’re a parent to a furbaby, I’m pretty sure you’ve nodded to at least ONE of my girl’s idiosyncrasies. At any rate, I digress…

It was incredibly hot today – 41 degrees Celcius and I couldn’t wait to get the boys from school so we could have a swim and cool down. Of course, little Miss Gypsy wanted in on the action. She’s not a fan of swimming mostly, but every so often we’ll put her in the spa to cool down. She loves running around the pool while the boys swim and she’s very concerned if they start shrieking whilst playing (as is their wont) as she thinks they’re being hurt. Pretty sweet, eh? After our little swim, the sunlight was perfect and I grabbed the camera and I was lucky enough to get these shots of my pretty girl <3

Gillian Foley Photography - Pet Photography | Gypsy

Gillian Foley Photography - Impromptu Doggy Shoot | Pet Photography

Gillian Foley Photography | Impromptu Doggy Shoot Gillian Foley Photography - Impromptu Doggy Shoot | Pet Photography

Do you have a furbaby with a penchant for something weird? Leave a comment below!

~ Gill

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