All by myself….dah dee deeeeeeeh

Yep. Simon went off to Melbourne for his ‘challenge’ thingo. He called me from The Clarion Hotel last night and described the room and the view. I’m so jealous! I had an interesting evening, running between both boys, as one woke the other. I eventually got both settled and managed to get out Simon’s light tent and my halogen lamps to take some jewellery shots for an invitation. It would help if I actually knew about photography, instead of winging it LOL Didn’t come out too badly, I don’t think, except it had a decidedly yellow tint. Hmmmm…I’ll get the expert to advise.

I have a show on Thursday night and then 2 next week. Simon is also going to organise an office show in the next week or two. I’m quite excited about this new venture :)

Went to get some passport photos of Jason taken for his birth registration and passport application and the silly man in the shop said they didnt’ do baby passport photos because I wasn’t allowed to be in the picture at all. GRRRRRRRRRR. He was just so darned unhelpful so I went off and found a photobooth for instant ones. What a palavar! LOL I held Jase, with the curtain half closed and let him stand on the seat. His face was supposed to be positioned in the frame on the screen, but WOULD HE STAY STILL???!! Grief, I’m sure the old ladies sitting on the bench outside wondered what on earth I was doing. He kept turning his head at the last minute. Thank goodness we managed a proper shot at the last minute. Not sure if it’ll be a valid passport photo though LOL

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