About time…

That I did an update! :oops: I’ve been a bad blogger. And to make up for it, some pics :D

Jase had a bit more freedom this week at playgroup and made a beeline for the Tiny Tikes car. I reckon he likes it…whadya reckon, mate? :lol: I think we may need to get him one for his birthday.


And some layouts – been very busy LOL This one’s not quite finished, but I had to do something with these photographs. The moment was just too special not to scrapbook!

Credits: Landi’s Faded Memories kit (papers, ribbon, staples), MariK’s Bookshop kit (notepaper), Torn Hearts (cardboard hearts) and Torn Black Alphas, Miss Mint’s playground pop stamp, Socially Awkward font

This is the layout I submitted for the Snap and Scrap Product Showcase last Monday, showcasing Landi’s Faded Memories kit. About time that I did a wedding layout, don’t you think?

And then some for MariK’s Baby Girl Kit:

And then one for Bonnie’s Handmade Cheer kit, for this Monday’s Product Showcase:

I’ve also been busy on our new S&S kit which has been keeping me up late at night and dreaming of all the colours and designs LOL I have so many things on the go at the moment, it’s just not funny. I’m trying to get some paper scrapping done, some mini albums for the family, edit some videos to upload to sendspace, etc, etc I just need myself cloned so I can get more done in a day. :roll:

Here’s a piccie from today. I got out a little ball-pool (minus the balls LOL) and Jason had some fun, playing around in it. The balls are all in his playpen in the lounge. He’s such a clever chookie this little guy. I found him playing with one of Matt’s puzzles – it’s a 12 pc puzzle and he was actually trying to put the pieces together and managing to get some right 8O Simon asked why it’s taken him this long :roll:

So there’s a story behind this pic (isn’t there always? :roll: ) Since Matt’s been sick with flu, he hasn’t really been allowed out with the weather having been so bad lately. Today, when I went to hang the washing out, he wanted to come outside to play and said to me “Mummy, I have an idea. I’ll put on a hat. Where’s my hat? Then I can go outside to play.” :lol: Of course, his hat was nowhere to be found, so he grabbed the next best thing. Jason’s Wiggles beanie, which doesn’t really fit :lol: He’s so funny!

Well that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be a bit better at updating this week :D

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