A visit from the Easter Bunny and the Easter Chook

Matthew and the Easter Bunny are now friends for LIFE. I’d say the hunt was a huge success. The children had heaps of fun, hunting for the chocolate eggs and carried them dutifully back to the basket, to be shared after the hunt. It was lovely seeing all the children participating in the sharing of the eggs. Matthew was so excited to be coming away with a little packet, filled to the brim. :lol:

I took some more photos of our littlest easter bunny:

And then, the Easter Chicken :lol:

I have some more layouts I need to finish for Snap & Scrap, but I’m also itching to do some Easter layouts. What to do? What to do? :lol:

***** Now that I have permission, another layout I did for the S&S newsletter using MariK’s Antique Rose kit. Amelia is such a beautiful little girl (as is her sister Eleanor) that you can’t help but scrap pictures of her!

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