A random memory…

I was reading a post on DSSA and it reminded me of my dad’s old reel-to-reel that he would haul out every now and then, dust off some reels and play them. Some, I remember, were radio skits he would write, complete with sound effects :lol: Here’s an example of what the reel-to-reel looked like:

Reel to reel example


Gosh, now I’m thinking about that attic and everything that was stored up there. There was an old radiogram (I don’t think it worked) that we enjoyed playing with – opening the door, pulling and pushing the valve. It looked similar to this one:

There were also some ballroom dresses of my mother’s, a doll’s house (miniature of our house) and other bits and bobs. We also packed our old school books up there, because I couldn’t bear to throw them out :lol:

Another childhood memory I have is of the barrels we had in the backyard. They were empty (have no idea what they were there for) and my sister and I would put them down on their sides and practice ‘barrel walking’ (for lack of a better description) the length of the backyard. We were pretty darned good at it too! :D


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