A quick post….

Some photos of the boys, taken last week at the park. I’m not sure if this it going to work – I’ve been playing around with creating a web gallery in CS to see how easy it would be.

Let me know if you can view the swf and what the quality is like. These are just default settings, so don’t be put off by the bleh heading and so on :lol: You can check it out here (you might have to click the play icon at the bottom of the screen).

For those having issues viewing the flash version, I’m adding the photos to this post too :D

They took turns riding on the backrest and the bonnet of the car.



Jason was thrilled when it was his turn to drive :lol:


Love the ‘Urban grunge’ feel of this photo. Think I’ll probably tweak this one later.




I have more that I’d like to share, but it’s 01h30 and I’m bushed…! *mwah*

Oh and happy mother’s day to all the Mums out there! :D

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