A few more of Bella and Harriet

I can *never* just post one or two pics…especially when it’s been a great session with heaps of favourites, so I hope you don’t mind my posting a few more of Bella and Harriet. I’d been dying to get updated shots of the girls. The last time I got to photograph them was at a birthday party and the shots were really impromptu snaps. Karen kept saying Bella doesn’t pose and is hard to photograph, so really, I felt I wanted an opportunity to photograph her being her – posed or not. Challenge accepted! Of course, Harriet is just one of the easiest little cuties to photograph, so when the opportunity came to photograph them, I was thrilled!

Spring splendour

Some of you may have seen my previous post about the Spring Splendour collaboration with MCP Actions. I was really excited to play around with a new set of actions (I know the photographers out there totally GET me, AMIRIGHT??!) I have my own tweaks and manual fiddles I put to images too, so processed these ones in my usual style, with my usual tweaks. 

I loved that I got images of Bella that were a mixture of posed and totally candid. That was her and it worked beautifully. There was one image that wasn’t technically perfect, but I include it here, because I just love it so much. 

A few more | Gillian Foley Photography

She is normally comfortable and totally uninhibited around people, but I *do* think it helped that it was me, somebody she knows who has CHICKENS!! (She couldn’t stop asking about seeing them LOL) Here are a few more, in a collage of Bella:

A few more of Bella and Harriet | Gillian Foley Photography

Harriet’s shots

Harriet was a cheeky monkey. She loved the attention, I think, and had some very cute props to help make the session a success. It felt a bit like trying to control a barrel of tiny kittens LOL Never still, always twirling, this way and that, asking questions, talking nonstop. The chickens were a favourite topic LOL We got some great shots too. Check these out:

A few more of Bella and Harriet | Gillian Foley Photography

This one is the cheekiest – this wasn’t even directed – she just went ahead and did her own thing: 

A few more of Bella and Harriet | Gillian Foley Photography

And best of all, after a very trying year for this little family, I was thrilled to get shots of them together, as sisters and with their mother, Karen <3 Just in time for Mother’s Day too!

A few more | Gillian Foley Photography

An outtake! LOL

A few more of Bella and Harriet | Gillian Foley Photography ~ Gill

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