A few gems from Matthew

Yesterday we attended Carols by Candlelight and the boys enjoyed their glow sticks. I left early with Jason, because he was getting grizzly :roll: Anyhoo, Matthew got to see the nativity scene with Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. Later, in bed, Simon asked him what he had seen and he mentioned Santa, the camels, sheep, angels, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the ‘boat‘ 8O :lol: I think he meant manger :D


Today, Gramma was doodling on the megasketch and Matthew spotted the tortoise she’d drawn. “Look Mummy” he said, “that’s a turtle with an egg on it’s back” :lol: Of course I mentioned that it was a shell and not an egg, but Master M would have none of it. :roll: :lol:

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