A few from Easter Saturday


A few from Easter Saturday

Our Easter weekend was quiet and lovely. The weather forecast predicted rain for the entire weekend, but it cleared up on Easter Sunday and Monday. We were all looking forward to just spending the time with each other. The boys love it when Simon is home (as do I!) and we all bummed around for most of the weekend. On Saturday we decided to take Gypsy for a walk up Spring Mountain Reserve for the first time. We’ve been really paranoid (typical South Africans!) of beasties lurking in the bush and dogs walking off their leads, etc but our fears were unfounded. Well, this time anyway. She had a grand old time, sniffing everything and trotting wiggle-waggling along LOL (have you seen a staffy walk??!). She was pooped when we got home, collapsing in a heap on her bed for a nap.

Of course, I grabbed my camera as we walked out the door. One can never pass up an opportunity to get some shots! I’d hoped to get so much more shots of my boys together, but alas, my older son has an aversion to the camera these days :( I consider myself lucky getting the ones I did!

A few from Easter Saturday | Gillian Foley Photography

Luckily for me, I have ONE kid who loves having his picture taken and really enjoys helping out when I have an idea for a pose or when I’m testing equipment. And don’t let me get started on Gypsy! She’s quite the dramatic poser once she settles down and realises Mummy doesn’t want to¬†play but wants her to stay put! More of those dramatic shots in a future post =)
Hope you’re all had a lovely Easter break! ~ Gill

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