20 Hours of labour and his first word is…

“DADDA!” Well, I never! :roll: Aaaah well, I suppose it’s only fair when Matthew’s first word was Mama, eh? :lol: I’ll let Simon have his little moment – for now ;)

My ‘big’ little man insisted on dressing himself this morning. Tshirt and shorts (pulled on himself) and his um…gumboots???! 8O Who am I to argue with a two year old? :lol:

I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I have a show tonight and it coincided with Simon’s camera club meeting ( http://centenarycameraclub.axlef.net/ ) so we bit the bullet and rang our friend’s niece who does babysitting. I’m a bit apprehensive about how the boys will take to her, as they’ve never met her before and they’re both a bit under the weather (and we all know how unreasonable they are when they’re sick!). Hopefully it’ll be ok. She’s coming around before they go off to bed, so they can spend a bit of time with her. If this works well, then we are SO set for future date nights! :lol:

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