2 Year molars are the pits!

Does anybody want a 2 year old male child, going cheap this week??! My golly gosh, Matthew has been driving us bonkers this week! Poor Jason has been bearing the brunt of it – bite marks, smacked head, being jumped on *sigh* Matthew has been in timeout for most of this week and has been throwing the most horrendous tantrums. Those molars are still coming thru – two are out and I can see two little bumps where the others are pushing through. I’m hoping this is the cause of the bad behaviour and that once they’re through, he’ll be his usual self.

The show on Thursday was a success! The ladies were so lovely and excited about the jewellery, trying everything on. It was so easy to be relaxed around them. The jewellery is so stunning and such amazing quality, that it was easy to be excited about it too. I have two shows booked from this one show, so I have a busy calendar in the next month. My darling husband took one look at my invitation and groaned that my *WHITE BALANCE* should have been set to tungsten instead of AUTO. Who knew? :roll:

The other news is that I’ve been asked to join a scrapbooking creative team. I’m so excited and at the same time, apprehensive because I’ve never done anything like this before. What if I can’t do a good job? What if my schedule is so hectic that I can’t cope with the demands of two children and these new ventures? Hmmmm…I need to think about this carefully, because I’d hate to do anything half-heartedly.

Now our littlest monkey has his first proper bruise, which he acquired at a playdate on Wednesday. He was too quick for anybody to stop him crawling out the patio door and fell against the brick paving. Poor little man :( There were a few tears, no blood thankfully, but an almighty bruise by the evening. Thank goodness for arnica gel :D

Check out his right cheek.

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