10 Minutes to Boxing Day

So HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! I hope it’s been a blessed one and here’s to a safe New Year :D So at 11h50pm, you’re wondering what I’m still doing up, right? Well after a terribly late night/early morning wrapping presents :roll: I had an afternoon nap and ended up sleeping until 18h00 :oops: Roight! We had the mother of all messes in the kitchen which was attended to by moi this evening, after which we managed to settle the boys after all the Christmas excitement and process some photos :D


These were taken at South Bank on Saturday night. Golden Casket normally host a few nights of movies in the park, sausage sizzles, music, Santa and fireworks around this time of year. If you’re lucky, you might get a good seat and in our case, take some photos of the fireworks display. Simon was a little annoyed that after all his tripod manoeuvring some people moved right in his line of vision, poor thing.


Then whilst queuing for Santa photos, this elf came to check up on the boys, to see if they’d been good this year. Of course, Matthew said they had :roll: :lol:


Then another of Santa’s helpers came to check if Grampa had been good this year. I think Grampa had to think very, very hard about that one! :lol:

And then finally, the boys got to meet Santa. Matthew was not too sure about getting too close to Santa, but we’d asked him to please sit with Jasey on Santa’s lap, just in case his little brother got a little nervous. Jason was so excited to be on Santa’s lap, he was bouncing up and down (I don’t think he closed his mouth for all the laughing) and of course, there was a very real threat of him tugging Santa’s white beard 8O Thankfully he behaved, but couldn’t stop turning to look at Santa and was laughing and giggling the whole time.


This was taken for an assignment. The idea was to get as close to the subject as possible, until it became unrecognisable. I couldn’t get too close with the 50mm but I reckon this was a pretty good attempt :D


I have a card full of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day photos still to download and process, so don’t panic – I haven’t forgotten those :lol: Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Boxing Day (I think I may be taking the inlaws to the sales tomorrow YAY!! :lol: ) *mwah*

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